The Legacy Bank

YOU can take control of your financial future.

Most people agree on the importance of building Generational Wealth or Leaving Legacy. But HOW… is the question. Creating Generational Wealth does not happen by chance. It happens by design. It is a “systematic” way of thinking about money.

The number one threat of our ability to build wealth is Lost Opportunity Cost. Opportunity Cost is the price you pay for making one choice versus another. The Legacy Bank recaptures lost Opportunity Cost; it gives you the ability to start building wealth sooner than later.

Through asset allocation and orchestration, I help families transform debt into wealth and create large sums of cash reserves to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. The Legacy Bank is the tool we use to create, transfer, and maintain wealth from generation to generation.

Of course, there is more I can say but a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the link below for a “snapshot” of the Legacy Bank.

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To help you Assess Your Values before we Value Your Assets. To protect your ability to earn income while accumulating wealth in the most tax-efficient ways available. To help you answer the question;

“If money weren’t an issue, what would you do for someone else?”

Most people see investing as Gambling. However, it should be a "philosophy" of how to turn acorns into Oak trees. It won't happen overnight but if you take care of it, it WILL Grow over Time!!

10 Ways to Protect Assets!

As a business owner, you work hard to start and grow your business. With proper advance planning, everyone can protect some or most of their assets, making it difficult for creditors and outsiders to reach them.

The value of family is more than just a bunch of zeros and commas on a balance sheet. Money comes and goes but the time you spend together is irreplaceable!

Is your wealth allowing you to SPEND more Time with your most valuable Assets, your family?

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