Randy Jones

Legacy Planner

“Generational Wealth can be

created in ONE Lifetime!”

Randy Jones

Legacy Planner

“Generational Wealth can be

created in ONE Lifetime!”

Your Wealth Is MORE Than Your Money

It is the impact that we have on the lives of the people that we come in contact with!

More People are Chasing Rich versus Pursuing Wealth

Life is unpredictable. Rich provides Band-Aids. Wealth provides Solutions!

Assess Your Values before You Value Your Assets!

On your last day, you won’t be talking about money! However, you WILL be talking about your other assets!

Savings Outpaces Investing!

A 25% savings rate of return will outpace a 10 to 20% investment rate of return!

“Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves in 3!”

Most families are “generationally bankrupt” within 3 generations!

Most Financial Plans Fail!

Your financial plan is like a parachute. How do you know yours “will” work when you need it?!

This has been life-changing! We now know how thinking differently about our money has changed our life and our family’s ability to create generational wealth. Thanks for never giving up on us!

– The Ramirez’s

Retiring Confidently

Retirement is not about how much in assets you have. It’s about how much income your “assets” produces!

Breaking the Myth of Generational Wealth

The ONLY difference between Wealthy people and Everyday people is Not their money but, the way they THINK about their money!


of family wealth disappears in less than 3 generations!

Most people see investing as Gambling. However, it should be a "philosophy" of how to turn acorns into Oak trees. It won't happen overnight but if you take care of it, it WILL Grow over Time!!

10 Ways to Protect Assets!

As a business owner, you work hard to start and grow your business. With proper advance planning, everyone can protect some or most of their assets, making it difficult for creditors and outsiders to reach them.

The value of family is more than just a bunch of zeros and commas on a balance sheet. Money comes and goes but the time you spend together is irreplaceable!

Is your wealth allowing you to SPEND more Time with your most valuable Assets, your family?

Get More
Family Time.

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